Qigong Yangsheng

Qigong-SeasonQigong is the major term for the various methods of exercises originating from China with a long tradition.  Qigong represents the active part of the Chinese medicine.  This system of exercises deals in different ways with the "qi", the vital force.  It serves to harmonize and regulate the flow of the qi in the body.  The term "gong" stands for "persistent exercising".  "Yangsheng" means caring, nourishing life and cultivating.

Stillness and movements are alternating in these slow moving exercises.  The thoughts quiet down and are focused on the perception of the body and its inner movements. Inner peace and serenity are accomplished.  Bodily and mental functions are improved and harmonized.  Healing processes are promoted on a longterm basis and comprehensively. 

Strengthening for the body,
relaxation for the spirit,
clarity for the mind.

The exercises can be adapted to the individual circumstances of the person regarding constitution and condition, as well as characteristics of the state of health.  They can be acquired and practiced by everybody.  They can be executed in a calm meditative way, but also in a powerful manner.  They are conducive to finding relaxation and reduction of stress and they facilitate restorative sleep and increase the power of concentration.