System of Prof. Jiao Guorui

The 15 forms of expression of Taiji-Qigong (Shi Wu Shi)

Qigong-SeasonProf. Jiao Guorui developed these exercises himself from the 13 exercises of Taij-pole of daoiste Xu Xuangping Tang-Dynasty (618-907). Mainly symbols of nature and animals are physically expressed in these exercises. The movements have an effect on harmony and balance.

They reflect the four basic directions of opening - closing - rising - descending, principals as "stillness and movements" or "at the bottom stable and at the top light".

The 8 pieces of brocades  (Ba Duan Jin)  

The 8 brocades are a method known since ancient times in order to preserve and restore the state of health.  They consist of 8 exercise sections. 

Brocade is a heavy, sturdy and patterned silk fabric with interwoven gold- or silver filaments.  It was held in high esteem in China. The fact that these exercises are named after this precious fabric shows that these movements are highly regarded.

The 5 animal frolics 
(Wu Qin Xi)

The roots of these exercises go back to the beginnings of the Chinese culture, when people started imitating the animals in their movements in order to absorb their strength.

The 5 animal frolics exhibit a lot of naturalness and agility.