About me

In my youth I studied 10 years of classic dance. Later on I practiced many years of Yoga. 

After receiving my business degree in Bonn I gathered work experience in Germany and abroad and travelled extensively.  In St. Emilion, France, I trained to be a wine connoisseur in a program, organised by the French Ministry of Agriculture.  I also did a vocational training for a tutor in English at a school in Bordeaux (Inspection Académique) and taught English classes at French elementary schools. 

Back in Bonn I worked at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

Since many years I practice and I teach Qigong. I am a member of the "Medical society of Qigong Yangsheng" in Bonn from where I graduated after 3 years of Qigong Yangsheng studies. I am continuing my education in regular training courses.

Qigong Season - Sabine Piegler